What Clients Say About Attorney, Craig F. Miller

“After receiving my DUI, Mr. Craig Miller meet me in court and handled my case. I knew I had made a good choice when several other Lawyers in the courthouse approached him and knew him well. That day, Mr. Miller requested a time extension for him to carefully review my case and also set a trial date. A few weeks later, Mr. Miller called me and told me about some discrepancies found in my case. This was good news! Regarding the next court date, during a Motion to Suppress Evidence hearing, DUI Attorney Mr. Miller unleashed his knowledge, aggressiveness, and professionalism. And truly exemplified he is the best Defense Lawyer in the Chicagoland’s South Suburbs. In front of two officers and the Prosecutor, the Judge granted us the Motion. As a result, the evidence against me was thrown out of court. I can still remember the angry prosecutor’s face as he realized his case against me “went down the drain”. Next week, Mr. Miller calls me with great news. No need to go to trial. CASE DISMISSED.” – A.D.

“DUI’s suck, but Craig made it less painful to deal with. He took care of everything that needed to be done and informed me when needed. I would definitely recommend him as one of the best DUI Defense Lawyers in the Chicago area.” – M.D.

“I originally had a public defender who was less knowledgeable then Craig Miller. Craig cared about my case and me as an individual. Chicago DUI Defense Attorney Craig J. Miller worked hard and always kept me updated regarding my situation. Craig got me the best deal possible in a timely matter. I highly recommend Attorney Craig Miller to anyone seeking a truly professional Lawyer.” – K.K.

“I can’t say enough about Mr. Miller. He’s professional, sharp, brilliant and dedicated. He represented me for a DUI I received in 2008, and I am VERY grateful for his services and the result of my case. He literally saved me thousands of dollars and my commercial class A license. I was completely acquitted on charges for my first DUI. I would not have trusted anyone else to represent me.” – D.B.

“Mr. Miller got all my charges dropped. He was worth every penny because you can’t put a price on your freedom. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a Lawyer!” – S.W.

“Getting a DUI is not a good thing, it’s embarrassing and trying. Attorney Craig Miller made going through the legal process and all the other things associated with this type of infraction a lot easier. He provided all the resources to enable me to get on with my job. When my case comes back up for trail, I know that Craig has my best interest in mind.” – A.G.

“Mr. Miller knows his stuff and is very confident and made the whole process as painless as possible. I walked out of the courtroom without a DUI, no classes to attend, and only a minimal fine!” – J.J.

“I had a serious situation with my son that could have potentially affected his future. Because of Mr. Miller’s reputation, experience, and knowledge with this specific drug charge not only was my son able to avoid incarceration, he was given a second chance to prove himself, to make a difference and I have Mr. Miller to thank for that. He believed enough in my son. He knew what to do, pointed us in the right direction, advised us and gave us the best information for the RESOURCES we needed to get the help we needed. I would recommend his services to anyone needing a good defense lawyer on the South side.”
– D.C.

“I rarely write reviews or recommend services to others, but I have to admit Craig Miller is in my opinion the best DUI Attorney in Chicago. Craig Miller took on my case over a year ago and has skillfully defended my DUI charge by applying his 30+ years of experience. Everything that Craig said came true and as he clearly knows the DUI laws inside and out.” – B.K.

“Mr. Miller turned a potentially disastrous felony DUI charge into a manageable misdemeanor case. Faced with two prior DUI’s, I was on the brink of becoming a felon AND losing my job. Mr. Miller diligently challenged the district attorney’s office and successfully tore through the red tape, eventually getting the charge reduced to a misdemeanor and reducing the potential sentence from a minimum 180 days in jail to a maximum possibility of 2 weekends in jail. He also successfully proved that the arresting officer wasn’t diligent in advising me of all of my rights and all possible outcomes of a refusal. Finally, Mr. Miller was successful in getting a charge of driving with a suspended license dropped also. I certainly hope that I don’t find myself in the same position again, but I keep Mr. Miller’s number on direct dial, just in case. I highly recommend Mr. Miller to anyone in a similar position in the State of Illinois.”
– K.S.


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