Whenever a person is injured on property owned by an individual or business, this is referred to as a “premises liability” claim. It is necessary to establish that the person responsible for maintaining the condition of the property, who may be someone other than the actual owner of the property, was negligent in some fashion, in order to recover compensation for the injuries that have resulted.

There are many ways that negligence can be shown. For example: A step that is not effectively marked with a warning sign, potholes in a concrete surface, loose tiles or wet, slippery surfaces, are just a few of the many ways that a property owner or maintainer can be found to be negligent.

These type of accident cases usually create back and neck injuries that are complex and the amount of compensation you are entitled to can be quite substantial, but only if the proper medical and legal arguments are presented to the insurance company. It is very important that the injured party talk to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. There are deadlines in pursuing these claims, and one should not try to discuss the claim with an insurance adjuster without receiving legal advice.

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